The Art of Science and beauty


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"I just wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had at your office. Even after much research, I went into my consultation for cosmetic surgery very nervous & unknowing of how the whole processe would take place. At my very first visit I knew I could be trusting of Dr. Sanderson through her calming & understanding, demeanor. As I was lead through each step of the process. i was thankful for the thoroughness & understanding of all teh staff. When it finally came to the morning of surgery I knew I didn't have much to worry about. I also knew I would be very well taken care of. Now that the surgery is over I feel so grateful for being able to have worked with such a wonderful office. I am very pleaseed & satisfied with my cosmetic results. I don't think anyone esle could have done a more wonderful job! I would recommend your office & staff to any of my friends. Thank you again, so much, for all your car and understanding!"

 Your Patient, CB

"I want to thank you for the wonderful work you do. You are the nicest, most caring doctor I have ever met. I am so glad I found you to do the surgery. Jan was so helpful when I was having those donw days. Your staff is very kind. I really appreciate all of you. "

 Thank you so much

"I realized I've never thanked you for doing such wonders with my surgery. You are truly an artist, as I was told you were. Your patience and understanding throughout this process has been greatly appreciated. It's amazing how natural the change looks and feels. Thank you again for all you've done."

 Best Regards J

"Thank you for all your care during the last several months. It is hard to express my gratitude to you and your staff. You should be very proud of your practice, your dedication and your special ability to relate to your patients."

 Thank you again, CS

"Thank you so much! You are an excellent surgeon and artist. i am so grateful for my new body. I hope your holidays are wonderful."


The Art of Science and Beauty