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REACTION™ by Viora

A quick, easy solution for skin tightening now FDA Approved and cleared for use in the US.



Reaction is a new treatment option for patients considering body contouring or skin tightening. Reaction’s applications include circumferential reduction, skin tightening for saggy skin on the face or body, or skin tightening to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

How it Works

How is REACTION unique?

Reaction works using vacuum therapy and CORE technology, which employs radio frequencies to heat and penetrate layers of the patient’s skin in four different ways. The multiple frequencies allow the waves to affect various layers of the skin, from the hypodermic to the superficial. What does that mean for you? Your results go deeper than the surface.

Reaction Process

Reaction’s combination of vacuum therapy with the unique CORE system allows for the patient to undergo three different, beneficial processes: deep tissue heating, mechanical massage, and mechanical stretching. Because REACTION is able to accomplish these three separate procedures, it works on more than one level.

What does a vacuum have to do with this radio-wave treatment?

Vacuum therapy eases deep tissue penetration, which allows for lipolysis, or the breakdown of fat, and drainage. Because of the dual effectiveness of CORE and vacuum therapy, your thighs can be thankful! No more lumps, no more flab – you’ll have slimmer, smoother thighs in a relatively painless procedure.

The skin tightening procedure uses a cooling mechanism that is applied to the treated area. What does this mean for your body? When your skin is heated, the tissue fibers and collagen that start to wear over time become stronger, and that sagging, baggy look you hate vanishes.

Reaction Process

Reaction works over time to increase collagen production, hence the results you see are not just short-term. Your skin’s improved elasticity is a lasting effect.


Reaction offers several advantages over traditional liposuction or skin rejuvenating procedures. The treatment is relatively comfortable, and feels somewhat akin to a deep tissue massage. The skin tightening treatment is similarly painless, as the patient feels both heating and cooling sensations during the procedure.

Maybe the greatest upside of the REACTION technology is the downtime – or lack thereof. For those of you who think you’d never be able to find time in your schedule, think again. Each treatment takes from approximately 30 to 60 minutes. After each session, patients can return immediately to their daily routine. It may feel like you’ve had a workout (or a massage) but Reaction won’t keep you from any of your activities.

AAs for potential side effects, there really shouldn’t be any. If REACTION is used properly and the heat levels are monitored throughout, patients should not experience any adverse results.

The Art of Science and Beauty